What do I need to apply?

For gold loans: All you need is a valid ID and your personal valuables (gold jewelry, silver, platinum, gold coins…see full list).

How safe is it to keep my valuables with you?

Extremely safe since we hold all your valuables in a safe and it only becomes our property if you default on the loan.

How much is the interest rate?

For gold loans: You will pay a 5% monthly interest of the total loan amount plus a 1% storage fee every month.

For home title loans: 6% monthly interest

Can the interest rate rise?

No. We take pride in being transparent and keeping our word with our clients that we will give you the lowest interest rate in the area.

Do you remind me to make payments?

No. It is your sole responsibility to make timely payments as per the contract.

What happens if I pay late?

If you pay within 15 days of the due date, you will have to pay a 1.5% late fee in addition to the monthly payment. If you do not pay for more than 15 days, you will lose the property you loaned against.

Can I renew my loan?

Yes, gold loans are renewable every month as long as you continue making the regular monthly interest payments. Car title loans last up to one year.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, all the fees are mentioned in the one-page contract signed at the time the loan is made. A Spanish version is also available at the store.

Why do we pay a storage fee?

That fee guarantees the secure storage of your valuables as we have a high insurance premium to cover the costs in case of losses.